16 January 2014

Conversations with Mom 1/15/14

I am very fortunate in that my mom and I have always had very frank and open conversations about sex. She doesn't understand some of my kinkier proclivities, but she is curious and finds our conversations very informative. On Monday, I was telling her that my Sir made me wear a butt-plug to Sunday's CoatCheck shift. 
"What is that?!"
I explained as best I could, but apparently she was left with some unanswered questions, something about the language barrier. What is Spanish for butt-plug, anyway? We spoke yesterday, and I mentioned having had an extended, overnight play-date with my Sir.
"So this butt plug thing" she asked "I still don't understand...what do you do if you have to go to the bathroom?"
"Well, uhm...you sort of take care of things beforehand, but if I had to, I would ask for permission, and then go..."
"You have to ask for permission?"
"Yes, I have to ask permission to do pretty much anything...including having an orgasm."
"Haha...yeah, I have to ask for permission, and I'm not allowed to come until he says I can."
"...well, if you're happy..."
"Haha, I am, Mami. I asked permission for every single one of those 20-something orgasms I was 'forced' to have today..."
"Oh!" she seemed to take a moment to process "Talking to you and your brother is so...educational!"
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