31 December 2011

The Jupiter Hotel

He lay on the bed, watching me undress.
I watched his face.
This was no slow tease. Months in between and mere hours to go.
My movements were deliberate and efficient.
His expression shifted.
It was subtle, but I saw...hesitation.
"What?" I paused, feeling suddenly self-conscious.
"You know I think of you as a friend right?"
I laughed, relieved. "Where did that come from?"
"I just...I don't want you to think that this is the only reason I'm here, with you."
"Aw, that's sweet” I grinned as I moved to straddle him “And I know that. But we only have a few hours. We can talk later...on the phone, after you leave town."

2 December, 2012
Jupiter Hotel
Portland, OR

All Content Copyright 2011, Juliana Tobón. All Rights Reserved


  1. INTERESTING MOMENT HE CHOSE TO REMind you that he thought of you as a friend. For what friends don't take their friends to the jupiter hotel at night to.....reaffirm their 'friendship'? i know i do!

  2. In his defense, I took HIM to the hotel. I liked the idea of a brief and seedy hotel tryst and arranged for the room in anticipation of his visit.
    The hotel staff was extremely accommodating, too. They comped my room, and even upgraded me to a nice double, corner room (did I ever mention I lead a charmed life?).
    The girl said "Not that you'll need the extra bed, but...I don't know...you can build a fort or something." :-)


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