08 August 2011

You have stated that you are voluptuary and have had various trysts if someone catches your eye. Has a woman every caught your eye? or do you prefer a couple that may catch your eye?

I’m a people person, an equal-opportunity lover! :-)
I have been in relationships with men and women.
I’ve also had trysts with men and women, couples and trios, straight, bi, gay (some gay men seem absolutely fascinated by me for some reason), younger/older, tall/short, fat/skinny...you get the idea.
My friends have long given up trying to figure out my “type”.
I’m either attracted to somebody or I’m not--- and those mysterious qualities that make somebody attractive to me have little to do with their outward appearance. I’ve seen some “pretty” faces turn very ugly, very quickly once they started talking. Likewise, I’ve seen “plain” faces utterly transformed once I got an inkling of the passion and intelligence behind them.
Though I am curious and frisky and do enjoy sex for the sake of recreation, my partners definitely need to have something that intrigues me intellectually, at the very least a curiosity about life that matches my own; if they don’t stimulate me intellectually they’re not going to stimulate my physically.

There is, however, the rare occasion when I just want and need a release...that’s when a ball-gag comes in handy!


Infamous CoatCheck Girl

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