21 June 2006

Feeling the love...

What an amazing day I had today!

In the span of about 8 hours I: read about wizardology and dragonology, painted w/watercolours, walked down 23rd, got gelato, bought some great stones/crystals. (Some of these are even said to help you tune in to extraterrestrial communications...hmmm, I forgot to check the mercury or lead content on those), checked out a sculpture garden, watched Nightmare Before Christmas, received some Reiki, had a friend bring over cupcakes, made and ate a yummy mole dinner, shot some photos, watched El Dorado while getting more Reiki, made popcorn from scratch (some people have no idea you can make popcorn without a microwave or a popper)...all of this with one of my favourite people in the world. Would you believe she's only 6? Or rather 6 and 3/4, excuse me.

Despite the incredulous and somewhat frightened reactions of several friends (you know who you are) I agreed to kid-sit today. I make no secret of it, I dislike children as a general rule, but this one is the exception. I had a blast.

The day also had a surreal tone since my friend's cat Edgar apparently issued a myspace bulletin to his kitty friends on my behalf. My thanks to the feline population of myspace for all of the sweet words, purrs and head-butts.

The humans made a great showing too. Thanks for the phone calls, visits, texts and emails.

Wish me luck... job interviews and photos tomorrow.

Happy Solstice!

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