22 January 2011

How much does size (shape) really matter? Too Big? Small? Foreskin?

The skill is definitely more important than the equipment!

Though I've said before that I always keep some XL condoms around out of an eternal sense of optimism, the truth is I've never been a size queen.
I'd rather have a lover who is skilled, or at the very least enthusiastic, attentive and capable of taking direction.

Size is easy to work around, though it's a question which has concerned humans since the very beginning. Ancient sex manuals such as the Kama Sutra and The Perfumed Garden described in great detail how to overcome such discrepancies.

The Kama Sutra described a man according to the size of his sexual organ as a hare, a bull, or a stallion. It further described the respective (ideal) female counterparts: doe, mare, and cow-elephant. (While Richard Burton's translations of both the above texts do include references to zoophilia, those last are in fact, meant to reflect the width and depth of the women's anatomies, though one does wonder...)
Furthermore, advice is given on how to proceed when a couple is not matched in one of the ideal pairings; specific positions are described which either dilate the vaginal canal (Blossoming, Expanding, and The Queen of Heaven) or contract it (The Box, Great Pressure, Envelopment, and The Mare).

In other words, if you're having issues with size, you're just not being creative enough!

As for shape...well, I'd say the same. I've personally never encountered any gross disfigurements, but there are some variations in curvature and such, which simply require finding the correct angle.

Now, the foreskin issue is certainly a matter of individual preference. I'm not particular in my preference except in matters of hygiene. I dated one young buck who was uncut and had an aversion to daily showers. I refused to even allow him in my bed, let alone get intimate with him unless he was freshly showered. There was a considerable age difference which became further, uncomfortably, emphasized by what became a daily ritual: "C'mon, it's bath-time, junior!". Needless, to say, our relationship was short-lived. It's a very fine line between a sexy musk and just...ew.

It was fun while it lasted. Though it does also stress my original point on the importance of skill. Nature had certainly favored this young man, and he had the stamina to match his size. Unfortunately, until he met me (at the tender age of 23), he had only been with girls his own age who had apparently swooned at the, admittedly, impressive size of his appendage. I was the first one who had taken one look and said "Ok. But what can you do with it?" then proceeded to put him through his paces. He wholeheartedly thanked me a few years (and conquests) later.

All of these issues--- size, shape, foreskin--- they just come down to personal preference, really. Me? I rather enjoy life's grab bag of choices!


Infamous CoatCheck Girl

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  1. Pointless and poorly written.

  2. Let me guess...one the Twitter police? You nut jobs just can't get enough, can you?

    You people ask the questions, I answer them...Simple as that.

    If you dislike my opinions so much, here's a thought: quit tracking down and reading my stuff!

  3. I am a size queen. I have no interest in small penises. I like getting fucked and I liked getting fucked by a larger than average penis. When hooking up with a guy, I will make an excuse to not have sex if the penis is smaller than desired. As far as circumcision is concerned, I prefer an uncircumcised cock. After living in Europe, you realize that America is the weird cousin. In most places circumcision is the anomaly, not the norm.

    And I love me some ICCG.

  4. Thanks for the love, Siz!

    You are quite right about circumcision being the anomaly throughout most of the rest of the world. Just add that to the list of unnecessary "procedures" doctors push on people in the US.

    But I digress...back to cock-talk. While I don't have a stated "must be this tall to ride this ride" sign outside my door, I certainly do have my preferences. I might not immediately shoot the little guy down, but he'll certainly have to pull out some impressive moves (if nothing else) to make up for his short-comings.

    And, frankly, I couldn't maintain an on-going relationship if the fit wasn't right. Creatively accommodating a hare-man, and making the best of a situation for a night or two is one thing, but The Box (essentially missionary position) day in and day out? No, thank you!

  5. length girth curvature and skill are ALL important factors. IMO.
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    we want raw ,natural NW beauty and you truly embody all of that.
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  6. Statistics show that only 1 in 10 guys is a hare man (five inches or less), so most women probably don't even need to be concerned.


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