20 July 2010

part One Is there a specific action that has caused you to dislike the diva as much as you seem to -- or just said diva's general personality?

Yes and yes.

There are several specific actions and/or interactions I have had with him, both personally and professionally, which lead me to dislike "the diva". Would I write about them publicly? I told him a year ago he wasn't worth the space in my blog. That, and I respect his manager and my job enough not to feed material to the slash and fan fiction nut-jobs (a phenomenon to which I've only recently been introduced via his fans).

Both my personal and professional circumstances put me in direct contact with a lot of musicians and actors, some of whom are considered by many to be celebrities. I've met Oscar winners, Grammy winners and nominees; I know artists who, while not critically or internationally lauded, I would consider masters of their craft. I am even fortunate enough to call some of them friends--- and I mean REAL friends, not the "I waved after the show and he waved back so we're, like, totally soul-mates now" friends...

But, as I've written before, people need more than their profession to recommend them. I'm not impressed by titles or resumes--in any field. I've met enough truly gifted artists to know a diva attitude is not a requisite for the creative process (even if a little healthy ego is). It is often the smaller, less talented artists-- the ones who feel they SHOULD be superstars-- who have the biggest egos.

In a professional context, it is difficult to respect artists who don't show respect to/for the people who make their jobs possible or at least easier, let alone for the fans who put them in their privileged position.

In a personal context, well...there is no "personal context" if somebody is rude and disrespectful, either to me or somebody I know. People always know where they stand with me, no matter how many "fans" or accolades they may have. I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade, or call a diva a diva!


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