01 July 2010

In your various writings you consistently portray yourself as the object of desire. But do you have any good stories about your own unrequited lust and/or failed pursuits?

Darling, I only write what I know...What is this "unrequited" lust of which you speak? The ones who don't want to sleep with me are either gay or impotent. Right?

Alright, I jest. Mostly.

If it's pure lust we're discussing, how many men do you really think would turn me down? And I don't say this out of ego. Realistically, how many men are going to turn down ANY decent looking woman who is confident, interesting, and looking for no-strings-attached fun?
If I'm looking to satisfy my lusty desires, I don't pursue people with whom I don't already have some hint of chemistry or spark.
Indifference does not turn me on.

I can honestly only think of one man who has flat-out refused me; a room mate I had when I was 19 or 20. I crawled into his bed naked, very drunk, and quite frisky. He was a gentleman...or he might be gay.

Failed pursuits? I've been blogging for 6 years and I've blogged about how many "pursuits"? Some might say my entire blog is one long series of failed pursuits. I'm more about the journey than the destination, though. I see them all as, well, Misadventures... some more or less fun than others.

It's really a matter of perspective, my dear.


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  1. I saw that you had blocked me from following you and saw your post about befriending you because of who you date. I just wanted to apologize if that's how it came across. I didn't even know who you dated when I followed you. I actually started following you because you write funny blogs and seemed really cool and after talking to you - you really are cool! I only followed him last night after I saw someone else retweet his comment about his birthday but I have unfollowed him this morning because I *really* didn't mean to offend you. I have no ulterior motives to follow you other than you seem like a cool person and you post interesting/funny tweets. If you don't unblock me, I'll understand but I just wanted to apologize anyway for offending you or making you feel uncomfortable.

  2. Well, I appreciate you reaching out to clear things up. It's an odd position to be in, this one... not only because of my job, but also because I am dating somebody who is somewhat in the limelight. I don't want to censor myself, but I also want to respect and protect his privacy.

    There is a tendency for some to be overly-familiar with people who are on stage, on TV, or movies--- I've even experienced it as a blogger. Those who live even a remotely public life run the risk of people feeling that they know them, and treating them like old friends, rather than the strangers they are.

    That is what I felt was happening...

  3. I agree with a lot of what you're saying about the stars. I've never seen/met the star in question, just been a fan for a long time. I'm not one of the ones that thinks he's a God either. I'm also well aware of the fact that his 'public persona' might not be his real persona or that I'll ever know his REAL personality. Even though I am a big fan of his, I'm really aware that even if we did 'meet' in some way at a show or whatever, he'd see me as a fan, not a friend. I'm too old to be deluding myself that one day in the future, he's gonna be my bestie lol

    But at any rate, I didn't follow you on Twitter because of him or your BF. Didn't even know who you were dating. Just saw a tweet from someone else, it was funny and thought your tweets and blog are funny. Oh, and the question/apology on your question page - wasn't me. This one was my only one.

    Anyway, I hope we're cool and so on. I really don't get on the internet to offend people. :)

    ~Ali Kat

  4. I second Kat's apology. I don't think any of us knew who you were dating when we started following you & I think the thought was there that if we had figured out who you were dating, it must be common knowledge. :/ I'm not under the assumption that I know you or your boy other than you as a cool person to exchange hellos w/ on Twitter & him as someone to say hi to in passing at shows. I've never at any of the shows made any attempt to talk to the guys or become their new bestie. I respect their talent (in some cases) and think they all seem like fun, approachable people, but I hold no illusions that they're worth worshipping. Hero worship is a fruitless venture, no one is going to live up to those standards. You are who you prove yourself to me to be and I don't know any of them well enough, nor am I likely to, to have a real opinion. I find it humorous & sometimes a little frustrating when someone does something epically stupid (like hitting a bandmate in the head with a bottle). They're just people & whether I have a crush or not I'm always aware of that fact. Anything we said after was a bad reaction to the frustration of having good intentions misinterpreted. I apologize for making you feel like your privacy was being violated.

  5. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I third Kat and J's apologies...no chance I'm going to come across as eloquent as those two though...they're tough writing acts to follow :p

    I'm sorry that our/my tweets/posts offended you... it wasn't intentional at all, and I didn't start following you because of who you dated...it was more because your blog was awesome and the few times I've been to the club you always seemed cool/nice. Like J said, I presumed that who you were dating was common knowledge :S now that I’m aware it isn’t, will attempt to remand the situation.

    I’m under no presumptions that your boy and I (or you, or any of the boys he plays with, etc.) are ever going to be bosom buddies…I “know” ’em just well enough to say “hi, how’s it going?” and end it at that for concerts. No hero worship, no ulterior motives, no crazy ideas about how they are rock gods and deserving of being up on a pedestal, just an appreciation for their music and a fun venue/band to dance at with friends. The ones at the concerts who do have that insane love for the band in the idolatry sense actually concern me…they’re scary!! I’d actually be afraid that some of ‘em would roofie someone.

    Again, sorry to offend, and I hope we can at least be okay with each other…I don’t get online with the intent of offending someone, and I certainly didn’t mean to offend you.


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