22 July 2010

How did Butterfly Boy get his nickname? It's not a very manly nickname lol Is he okay with it? (

Simply? He gives me butterflies--- he did from the start, and still does.
I'm pretty certain he's okay with that.
And it could certainly have been worse...

The tradition of nicknaming my suitors started long before the blog. Cory, my bff since high school, has a wicked sense of humor and an inability to keep names straight---or at least the long list of names I would always throw at him. In the course of conversations about these different boys, he would fixate upon some anecdote or perceived quality and name them accordingly. Back in those days, the names often leaned toward dog breeds, as the boys used to follow me around like little lost pups (oh, I do have some fond memories of Poodle!).
Some would say not much has changed in that regard, but perhaps because my suitors are older and more interesting these days, the nicknames reflect that a bit.
I've continued the tradition myself, and it has become even more important in trying to respect and protect the anonymity of people who make it into my blogs.

Cory and I don't see each other as much as we used to, so he gets 2 or 3 month's worth of stories at a time. If you know me, you know that might require flow charts and graphs to keep it all straight, so the tradition remains alive and well.
Recently I was recounting to him an invitation I had received. The young lad in question is a sensitive, sensual sort who had enticed me with promises of a relaxing hand massage and a movie. This amused Cory to no end...

The poor bloke shall forever be known as: The Hand-Job Guy.

So you see, it could have been much, much worse...


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  1. Ok, hands down that is the funniest and coolest back story about nicknaming people I have ever heard. I don't even think TV show writers could have come up with one like that. And as for BB, I think that's sweet and kinda romantic. I'm so glad BB still gives you butterflies, I hope to one day meet a man who does that for me. Talk to ya later!


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