06 May 2010

When and why did you appear on 20/20?

Ah, well, technically I did not "appear" on 20/20, or did so only for a split second---you see me looking at the other two girls with a combination of disbelief and amusement.
I will definitely write about this in more detail, because, well, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried... I was flown out to New York and interviewed on 20/20 (by a guy who, oddly enough, turns out to be from Beaverton). My answers definitely did NOT fit with the angle they were trying to take on presenting this story.

here's a link to the episode:



Infamous CoatCheck Girl

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  1. i'd love to hear what you had to say on the subject. the guy who wrote the book doesn't understand, or is in denial about, how his wealth affected his ability to garner attention on the website. opposites DON'T attract in the way that he is suggesting. whenever i see an older guy with a hot younger woman i just presume there is some kind of financial arrangement. i don't think of it as prostitution, but then i don't think prostitution should be illegal. the whole site makes me sad and disheartened. not because i'd want to be with the types of women that were featured in the piece but because i'm almost 40, with a low paying job, and a crap car, so this video showed that i don't stand a chance. i'm just being self-pitying now, but the whole thing is a bit demoralizing...


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