11 May 2010

Anal sex. Must it always be planned? I mean, could it ever happen if there were no lube around?

Must it be planned? Not necessarily...

Could it ever happen if there were no lube around? Not if you want a repeat performance.

In general, I like my play nice and slick, though not *too* much--- I've always said "if you have to lay down a tarp, you've gone too far!"
But, I digress...
Personal preferences aside, if you have any amount of respect and regard for your partner's comfort and safety, use lube.
You're talking about very delicate (rectal) tissue which has no natural lubrication. Think: micro-tears which increase risk of HIV transmission, anal fissures, bruising, pain (the "not fun" kind)...these things are decidedly NOT sexy.

Darling, this is why single-use packets of lube were invented! Never leave home without one.


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  1. i was with a woman once who didn't require lube. i'm the kind of guy that doesn't really ask for anal but will gladly accept it if offered. i don't know how she did it but in the middle of a session she would just adjust her position and slide me in. it was always smooth, and i know there was no lube readily available. now that i've read your post and thought about what i'm writing i'm thinking this might be more gross than sexy...

  2. AIDS means ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’. It is caused by a retrovirus, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which basically affects your immune system (the body’s defence mechanism). This is the transmittable aspect – you can catch HIV from other people.


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