14 August 2009

My Sinful Sunday B-day Bash!

So here's the scoop:

I'm celebrating my birthday this Sunday, the 16th. Yes, I'm turning 25! Again.

I haven't posted anything new in ages, I know. So come out, enjoy the chaos and we'll catch up in person!

The particulars:

On Sunday August 16th, at Dante's in Portland Oregon, I will be hosting my "Sinful Sunday B-day Bash!" (or Sausage-Fest 2009 as it's known to my closest friends). I've reserved the VIP balcony and will likely have a few other tables reserved. If you've been to Sinferno, you know what to expect--- burlesque, fire, sideshow, tits and ass--- so bring your ones, but leave the prudery at home.
Christian Kane (from Leverage) will be playing an early set, and let me tell you, the people watching opportunities are not to be missed. Plus you might get to rub elbows with Timothy Hutton or whatever guest star happens to be here this week. Today I heard Mathew (or was it Luke?) Perry is here. So if that's your thing...
Dew Tour and Warped Tour are in town as well, and most of those bands, plus every burnout in attendance there, will probably find their way Dante's as well.

In short---It will be chaos! It will be grand!

I'll be there at 9pm in the VIP balcony.

My guests get a discount on the cover ($3 instead of $10) so be sure to RSVP by 5pm on Sunday so I can get you on the list!

See you there!

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