21 February 2009

Love to Hate

Having a very public online persona can be a double-edged sword, as you might well imagine. Offering yourself up for public scrutiny is not for the faint of heart. I am fortunate to have readers who have nothing but concern for my well-being. They celebrate my triumphs, laugh with me at my foibles and exploits, and hopefully learn from my mistakes or occasional insights. Whatever their reactions, they are always impassioned. Take for example, this comment left by one reader, so concerned for my intellectual depth and my emotional future, that he (or more likely, she) couldn't help but write in:

I've read a certain amount of your writing (friend of a friend, et cet.), and on a formal level, I've seen worse. But the content sags under the weight of its unearned megalomania—you're a cute girl and you get unsolicited attention from guys? Fascinating. While you're at it, you should start a blog about brushing your teeth.

It feels like you're here to celebrate how "hot" and sought-after you are. I'm pretty ubiquitous in Portland, and have never met you—at least not that I remember. Investing in some substance now might forestall a future great depression. Vacuousness, after all, is not only endemic to cheerleaders.

Well, my dear FOAF (friend of a friend):

I appreciate your concern, which is what would undoubtedly spur you to carefully craft your remarks. I say this because time is precious and few people waste it on a cause they believe to be unworthy. I am unable to thank you personally, dear FOAF, since you posted anonymously, but I can tell you: I now aspire to your example. I am slow to pass judgment, but you, based on one single entry (thank you statcounter for that info!) were comfortable making a quick assessment and expressing it. Kudos for efficiency!

I have embraced a medium which is inherently frivolous, and indulged in it...well, frivolously, one might say--- using it as an outlet for expression and an exercise in writing. I now see my time could be better spent policing the web, which is world-wide I hear. I have avoided such actions in the past, thinking that if I found content truly vacuous or unappealing, I shouldn't give it a second thought. Thank you for your inspiration!

As to why we've never met? Well, that is a wonder in a city with over half a million people, and you with so much leisure time spent roaming the city.

Although...there was that time I hired a minion to walk ahead of me everywhere I went, holding a banner proclaiming "Make way for The ICG!", but he just kept getting in the way.
Good help is so hard to find these days!
In any case, most of the time these days, I just work, hang out with a select group of quality people, and keep a low profile...

Ah, but I jest, dears!

This has never been called "Juliana's Diary" for good reason.
It isn't.
I write based on my experiences...well, in part due to laziness---I'm too lazy to make things up. And why invent when truth is often so much more surreal? But it's not always exciting stuff, and that's just part of the human condition too. Sometimes I sit in CoatCheck bored out of my skull, observing the parade of drunken jack-asses in line for the bathroom, for lack of other entertainment.
Do I think it some great compliment to my charms that these guys talk to me?
I'm a captive audience, sitting there in my CoatCheck cubby, a mere distraction while they wait to take a piss.

Eh...I'll leave the intellectual policing to our friend FOAF, because, really, who else has the time?

I'll continue to subject readers to my frivolous little stories, corresponding with those who write to me about their own experiences with the death of a parent, an assault, abortion, or a relationship gone wrong...
That's really the most rewarding thing about this little exercise--- connecting with people through common experiences, desires, or disappointments. Ok, maybe that and the occasional gift I get from one of the readers (see the next post!)...

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  1. They very well could have met you, but you write with a mild arrogance that is not representative of your demeanor in person. I do think that people forget that while blogs are part reality they are also part online persona.

  2. I'd have to say you are probably one of the least "vacuous" people I know. This guy does need to get a life and not judge people based on a small snippit of something he read and assume that's all there is too you.

  3. I'd venture to guess it was actually a woman, likely the current of an ex. Nobody who randomly happens upon something online writes with such vitriol, or at all--- particularly if it's something they really consider trivial or vacuous. Why waste the time?
    I'm guessing it's personal.


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