12 February 2009

on CoatCheck

There is something meditative about working in CoatCheck.

Some part of it is a routine:

"That'll be $2, please."

Hang up coat.

Hand customer a numbered tag.


"No you can't have my phone number. Enjoy the show!"

Smile and dismiss with a wave...

The rest is unpredictable, a barely controlled chaos I often find equally soothing. It is a fascinating microcosm, my little CoatCheck world, and one full of contradictions. I am the observer and the observed, a part of but apart from the melee.

Sometimes it's mildly amusing, like a few weekends ago when I looked up from my book to see REM's Peter Buck repeatedly thwarted in his attempts to pee. Twice, I saw guys dart into the bathroom ahead of him.

"You'll have to be quicker than that!" I said with a chuckle.

"Yeah" he replied sighing. He slumped heavily into the stool next to my window.

"Aren't you playing tonight? Why don't you go downstairs (to the green room)?"
I asked.

"We go on in 5 minutes. This'll be faster"

I doubted it.
I gave him a "suit-yourself" shrug and went back to reading Eduardo Galeano's musings on Latin American politics.
Much more interesting.

And then there are nights when...well, that's best left for another blog...

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  1. Kinda boring on this one, not gonna lie.

  2. Honey, you got bored just reading it, imagine my dismay at having to be there. That's the trouble with writing auto-biographically...not every day is action packed and exciting.


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