21 January 2009

It ain't Shakespeare...

He says he thinks about me, thinks about bending me over the counter and putting his entire fist inside of me.

"I'll even trim my fingernails," he chirps.

Who says romance is dead?

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  1. hmmm....

    of all the things to put inside of you while having you bent over the counter i...


    ...i'm sorry. i seemed to have lost my train of thought

  2. It's still literally the most romantic thing I've heard all week.



  3. A little bird told me you go for that sort of thing. A little bird with flames on its cock.

  4. Fie! fie! what coarse knave be you that would suggest such cruel sport!! Fist me not I say!!Nay! I won't have it!!

  5. sounds crude and painful, even with trimmed nails

  6. Why do men feel they have the right to say this to women?

  7. Why do men feel they have the right to say things like this to women? Whatever happened to the gentleman? Whatever happened to common decency, respect, charm, whit, or intelligence when it comes to romance?

  8. my thoughts do swirl as a maiden in dancing rapture
    that i could throw her to and fro
    and enter her love with all god's thrust and desire
    my nails bitten to the nub with anticipation

    william goldstein shakespeare

  9. "Love looks not with the eyes but the mind."
    Is Shakespeare

    De noche, amada, amarra tu corazón al mío
    y que ellos en el sueño derroten las tinieblas

    miss ya
    been to long since we saw one another


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