13 November 2008

Getting My Hands Dirty

So, Obama has been voted in and everyone is hopeful. Or most everyone. I vacilated between trying to stay informed, and utterly desparing of following any of it, since I’m not allowed to vote in this country. You see, I’m one of those legal U.S. residents who loses more and rights by the day.
I come from a country where politics are more often run by the gun than the popular vote, so I'm withholding judgement and jubilation. I don't see it as entirely impossible that some lone nut will decide that Obama shouldn't be president and will take matters into his own hands.
Wait. What?. This has happened here before...?

But, when it comes to discussing politics I am a little old-fashioned. I just don’t feel comfortable doing so in public. Another thing I am typically not comfortable discussing in public is money, the economy. (Come to think of it, I don’t know if these are so much old-fashioned quirks as they are Latin ones.)
However, it is difficult to deny that most everyone I know is facing economic hardships right now. Some of my friends have taken on second and third jobs.
I’d settle for just one.
The luck I’ve had in the job market would make a splendidly cheesy 80’s film montage––“She Works Hard For the Money” plays in the background, I wipe sweat from my brow, the screen quickly cuts between a mind-numbing blur of equally mind-numbing jobs, and finally at the end I plop down into bed, exhausted.

Even the Infamous CoatCheck Girl can’t get by on her looks alone (believe me, I’ve tried).

While I look for something more permanent, I do odd jobs here and there. Probably most entertaining to my friends is the fact that I’ve been doing manual labor.
After many off-color jokes and incredulous comments, I figured a photo shoot was in order.

(The following images are all © Kenneth Barton, 2008)


Feelin' lucky, punk?

(And yes, that is indeed the Infamous tool box.)

Really, the manual labor stuff isn't so bad. I've become a wiz with a caulking gun, a paintbrush, and the like, but when it comes to power tools, I still feel a little bit like this:

And, I'm sorry boys, as much as I know some of you wanted nothing more than to see me sporting nothing but a tool-belt...well, it just messed with my lines.

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  1. it is indeed a very sporty blog!! A very 1930's feel...a lil suggestion though...since you have kept the whole thing black and white, dont put in even a hit of colour...keep the pics two-tone...would go better I guess!! :)

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