17 November 2008

Favorite Reading, Favorite Show (PDX)

Favorite Show is a multimedia comedy event that combines stand up, stories, videos, and more into a single night. If you're the one in the office who shows all your friends you tube videos until they start crying, you'll enjoy the videos of Favorite Show. Like to listen to funny words read by people you can look at? We have that. And if you are a fan of sitting down, we got you covered with our luxurious, state of the art, "seats".

November 22nd will be the date Favorite Show goes down in infamy. Maria Bamford, stand-up icon and international woman of mystery, made a web series called the Maria Bamford show. Prepare to watch her episodes in all their infamous glory. Society has been warned.

What could make it more infamous? The Infamous CoatCheck Girl will be gracing the stage to read a story. Katie Jean Arnold will play music that's brimming with infamousness. Kevin Wilson will be hosting this ragtag team of daredevils, as well as providing some stand up comedy of his own. This is not all there is. There will be more stand-up, more stories, and more fun to make this night end with explosions and/or a satisfied audience.

When: Sat, Nov 22th

Where: Happen'N Place, Portland Oregon

Time: Doors open - 7:30p

Price: $5

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  1. Juliana...

    Nos conocimos la noche del "Citadel," y me avisaste de esta "performance." Haré lo posible de asistir.

    Ya revisé tu sitio y sí creo que tendria mucho mas impacto si tuvieras algunas citaciones en español...no traducidas...de una vez en la madre lengua para los que lo leen.

    Pienso que en poco tiempo tendrias lectores en muchos (más) paises fuera del nuestro.

    Hazme el favor de mandarme tu dirección e…
    el mío: encanto@ochcom.org.



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