16 July 2008

Woke Up In a Strange Place

Red wall, light-filled room, warm body stirring next to me...
No, not home, and not my typical M.O.
I'm more the hit-and-run type, the "Thanks, now turn the light off on your way out" type.

"Do you want some coffee? Some eggs?" he asked me.

I tackled him and rolled him over, snuggling into his arms, planting little kisses on both his cheeks as I did so. I may have even giggled with girlish glee.

"Yes please!"

The house holds painful memories for SB, but I found it hard to believe a negative thought could exist in that place. I felt completely peaceful and comfortable...and girly! I smiled and I stretched as he started bustling around in the kitchen downstairs.

After such a perfect day at The Mississippi Street Fair, it had seemed a shame to cut the evening short.
After tea, it had seemed a shame to waste such a perfect night.

We ate dinner on the back porch, with no light but that of a few candles and the unusually bright waxing moon. There were more stars than I ever remember having seen from within the city. We talked outside until we could feel a chill creeping into the night. We talked of the changes and transitions he has experienced over the past year.
I tend to encounter (some would say I seek out) men in this particular phase of their lives. The transition phase; existential crises, divorces, break-ups...I'm the perennial rebound girl, and perfectly suited to it. I'm affectionate and free-spirited, the companionship without the emotional demands.
It suits my purposes, too, as a free agent. Perhaps when the weather turns cold and I have the urge to hibernate a bit, I'll feel differently. But it's summer and everyone is jovial and scantily clad and coming back to life.
Why would I sample just one dish when presented with such a feast?
But it's never about the random fuck.
I much prefer "friends with benefits", and things with SB were certainly friendly... and mutually beneficial.

We had our morning coffee and eggs on the back porch, and the day just seemed to unfold perfectly from there. His morning appointment canceled, so he invited me to the planetarium at OMSI.
I must confess, I am a nerd at heart. Science turns me on. We sat in the dark, looking at a fake firmament, listening to Robert Redford talk about colliding heavenly bodies. I found myself breathing just a little faster and wishing we had sat in the back row.
After the planetarium show, we strolled through the dinosaur exhibit, getting more and more frisky all the while, but knowing we would soon have to part ways.

"If you say the word, I'll call and cancel my afternoon appointment" he said with a grin, "but aren't you supposed to hang out with Rob?"
"Yeah, but I know him. I'll get a last minute phone call, and he'll cancel. Make the call." I love playing Devil's advocate.

No sooner had he hung up his phone, than mine rang. Of course , as I'd predicted, my friend couldn't make it, terribly busy, work to do...Of course.

It was the perfect way to wrap up a perfect weekend. We spent the last couple of hours together laying on a blanket in his back yard, eating strawberries with home-made whipped cream and little bites of chocolate. By the time I got home that evening I was blissfully exhausted.

"I'll see you when I see you" he called out as I got out of the car.

Indeed. Perfect.

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