12 July 2008

Morning musings

I rarely get to see the sunrise.
When I do, it's not the kind that marks the start of day, but rather the kind that marks the end of a long, long night.
This particular day... night... moment in time, I found myself at a bus stop in an unfamiliar part of town, squinting against this shining reminder of just how long my night had been.

The last thing I had done before leaving my apartment was to take my sunglasses out of my purse, thinking I'd have no need for them. When did I begin making such rookie mistakes? In my twenties I would never have left the house for the night without sunglasses, toothbrush, condoms and lube.

Cursing my own oversight, I squinted some more and watched people with fresh-scrubbed faces starting their day... morning coffee, pastries, smiles. All I could think about was getting home to bed. Still, I couldn't help but smile a bit.

He smelled of whiskey and cigarettes and conquest.
I'd had my eye on this one for a while.
Full soft lips and a little rough around the edges, a gentleman in hooligan's clothing--- or maybe the other way around.
He told me he'd wanted to grab me by the hair and throw me down on the table the first time he saw me. But there, in the dark, his kisses were sweet and his hands moved lightly, skimming over my skin.
I've never been terribly shy about vocalizing my enjoyment, but I felt suddenly self-conscious. There was a house-full of people trying to sleep just upstairs. He seemed to sense that I was trying to be quiet and redoubled his efforts... deliciously... relentlessly. I heard a soft chuckle in his throat as I finally let out a loud moan.
He may have won our little battle of wills, but guess who got the prize?

But I like to give almost as much as I like to get.

It turns out I need hardly have bothered.

Ah, whiskey-dick. So much promise, so little follow through.

"That felt so good... but I took a Vicodin..." he said sheepishly.
I sighed in defeat, and nestled into the crook of his arm as I stretched out the cramp in my jaw. A couple of hours of sleep would do us both good.
"I'm gonna have to roll over" he mumbled sleepily.
"That's alright. I can't sleep all cuddled up like this anyway" I said as I relinquished his arm.
He rolled onto his side and I placed one hand between his broad shoulders.

"Hey, would you like to have dinner sometime?"
He sounded so earnest, so polite. I giggled at the absurdity of such a question at such a moment.
"That would be lovely" I replied in my most genteel manner.
A few moments passed and I thought he had fallen asleep.
"So why only the one nipple pierced?" he asked abruptly.
" I think people should always have options" I quipped.
" I thought you might say that" he said with a chuckle.

Copyright Juliana Tobón, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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