15 July 2008

Mississippi Street Fair

This is Portland at its very best. Summer in full swing, sun blazing down, Bastille Day, Mississippi Street Fair, beautiful people everywhere...
Even though I'd got home at 9am and only slept a few hours I was ready to head back out and enjoy what the city had to offer. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up in the tropics...though I prefer to be out of the direct sun, I do thrive in temperatures reminiscent of more equatorial climes.
I had made plans to see a friend later in the evening, after my voice lesson. (We'll call him Shark-Bite, because it's silly and fun, and in keeping with the tone of our weekend). My lesson was canceled and his afternoon plans had fallen through as well, so he picked me up early and together we went to the Mississippi Street Fair.

We wandered up and down the street, listened to music, took in the sights, talked. Though we have known each other socially for many years, we had never really had a chance to get to know each other. As we walked, the conversation turned from the general to the more personal. We eased into an affectionate, flirtatious rapport.

Having seen all there was to see on Mississippi, we doubled back toward the Bastille Day celebration that was happening several blocks away. Just as we turned back, who should I see walking toward us, but The Magus (more on him later). I had thought he might be there, but had hoped to avoid any awkwardness. He saw me with my date, nodded his acknowledgment and continued in the direction from which we had just come.
Awkwardness averted... or so I thought.
As we reached the street we had intended to follow to the other event, The Magus brushed up from behind, passed us and turned up that very street.
Had he doubled back and followed us?
It did seem rather suspect, but we brushed it off, giving him a minute or two to reach whatever his destination might be.

Once we arrived at the Bastille Day event, we went straight for the 21+ section where they were serving oysters and champagne.
I love this city.
Eating oysters and drinking champagne, al fresco, on a gorgeous summer day. Watching The Sprockettes, Portland's all-female synchronized mini-bike dance troupe. Where else would one find such an eclectic event?
The only thing that could improve upon our day was chocolate.
Fortunately for us, PIX Patisserie was just yards away. Unfortunately for us, Th Magus was sitting on the sidewalk just outside of the place. I was already feeling a little uncomfortable with his earlier behavior and did not know what I could expect were we to have a more direct encounter. There was no helping it though. We would have to walk past him, or rather behind him, as he sat on the edge of the sidewalk.
We had almost passed him, when he abruptly stood up and bumped into me.
"Oh sorry, I didn't see you there!" He glanced at Shark-Bite, then turned and walked into the crowd.
SB and I exchanged amused glances and shrugged.

PIX was doing brisk business, but we didn't have trouble finding an empty table and satisfying our chocolate cravings.
There was something about the festive atmosphere, the sunshine, the decadent indulgences, my little random encounter with Flirty Boy by the bathrooms (Bastille Day Bisous)...
My entire body was buzzing from all of it.

As SB and I left, we debated on where to go next. We both had invitations to backyard barbeques and shows that night. Flirty Boy had even invited me to go see his band.
The company and conversation were too pleasant and we were both reluctant to part ways just yet. We settled on tea, at his place.

I was instantly charmed by his house. It is so peaceful and airy. The back yard was my absolute favorite part, though. The heady fragrance of honeysuckle permeated the garden, and passion-flowers dotted one part of the fence.
The sun was setting, and everything seemed to glow. We watched the butterflies flitting about the blooming butterfly bushes and fed each other ripe raspberries as we picked them off the plant. I could feel the grass beneath my feet, his hands on my hips, and his lips grazing my neck. It was all too perfect and I felt utterly content.

Copyright Juliana Tobón, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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