03 June 2008

Mes Rêves

Some people dream of exotic things. I dream of the mundane.
I dreamt last night that I lived with a hot French girlfriend (ok, so maybe not everyone's version of mundane). The dream had a lot of detail, but was very much slice-of-life.
I was sitting at a computer desk, photo editing presumably, while she moved around in the other room. I could hear movement and catch an occasional glimpse of her through the open door.
It was very cinematic.
It was one of those unmistakably Parisian apartments, light and airy, cozy, complete with little wrought iron balcony.
So where does the mundane part come in?
It was just a relationship.
She had moved in with me and was rearranging my furniture and decorations, and adding hers. I was too absorbed in work and she had to call my attention to some of the changes she had made in the place. I was nervous about meeting her parents, especially her mother, for the first time. I was self-conscious of my French accent. There was an awkward moment greeting mom---was it two kisses or three?...

I am a romantic at heart, for all my misadventuring.
Is it really any surprise that I should dream of the boring minutiae of "normal" relationships?


I'm going to take a nap...and hang out with my hot French girlfriend...

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