22 February 2008

Family Entertainment

Before I receive too many indignant emails from my Dahlia family...

I debated tonight...Dahlia family or new acquaintances...I realized that in a very short time I got used to having Zig Zag at the Dahlia related shows and outings. There's a reason I rarely try to introduce new people to the group. I'm very selfish and protective with my extended family and I don't want anything to upset the dynamic we have. Today it feels a little weird, so...I'm off to Milwaukie, instead...

Though the Dahlia family knows how to have a good time (ahem, Miss Sassy Lass!), our bonds are based on more than partying. We play multiple roles in each other's lives---at turns spiritual advisers, relationship counselors, siblings, friends, lovers...I even have a Wife in there somewhere...My point is we're all close. There are times when it can feel like it's all a bit too close.

A change of scenery, some new faces...sounds like just the thing. There is something very freeing about spending time around people with whom you don't have much shared history.
I've done the growth, the self-reflection, made the decisions, blah, blah, blah all of it...and I'm exhausted. I need some light-hearted fun.

The Dry County Crooks are a fun and talented bunch---they'd have to be to entice me out to the 'burbs. They have their own little "family" made up of significant others, friends and a few die-hard fans, much like Dahlia.
When they heard I was feeling a little down, they threatened to "kidnap" me and take me to tonight's show. The wife of one of the boys even offered me a place to crash afterwards, since they live near the venue.

She also tried to play matchmaker...

"---- has been asking about you since the Kelly's show. He keeps asking about you...but that's all I'm gonna say....Oh, and he cooks!...but that's all I'm gonna say...He's a really nice guy....but that's all I'm gonna say" etc.,

it was cute. (Then it made me realize...the last thing I want right now is a "nice guy". A "nice guy" is why I'm feeling cynical, a "nice guy" is the reason I haven't had sex in two months, a "nice guy"?...harumph!)

Tonight should at least be...interesting---I mean, there are going to be Heineken Girls there! It will take me out of my usual milieu, to say the least, and that's always an adventure in and of itself.

Ok, so I am a little scared about the Heineken Girls...

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