15 January 2008

On the perils of mixing business with...

When two people who have been involved part ways, it stands to reason that any personal plans they may have together, become null and void. I have known former couples who went ahead and took their planned trips together post break-up, and did so quite amicably---but it takes a certain degree of maturity and mutual respect to be able to do that.
When there are professional ventures involved, things become more tricky. Yes, I always hear the admonitions "don't mix business with pleasure", and one would think I'd learned by now. I've had people decide they didn't have to honor agreements regarding my photography once we've gone our separate ways. It has made me wary, but not wary enough it seems.
When I first met a recent (ex)lover, it was in a strictly professional capacity. When it became apparent that the interest was more personal, I voiced my concerns about getting involved and what that would do to the projects on which we might collaborate.
He tried to ease my fears. He implied that my past experiences might have been due to the age and immaturity of the other parties.

"As you get older," he said "you learn that business is business."

I still had some misgivings, but I decided to trust this person, whose business acumen I admired.
The projects in question would have eased my financial worries over the coming months and would have brought my photo business to a whole new level.

Despite the spectacular split, I trusted that he would be true to his word and honor those commitments. While a disparity in our personal philosophies would preclude the possibility of any close collaborations, there were a couple of jobs on which he'd acted merely as a liason between the client and me. It was those projects I had expected would still be possible. I even attempted to follow up on one of them, based on a couple of scraps of information I had. I at least wanted to protect my own good name if I was, indeed, expected.

I found out about the status of one of those projects via a "well we had somebody but she's upset so we hired somebody else" style status update on myspace.

It turns out getting older has nothing to do with maturity or integrity, in business or life in general.

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