21 January 2008

Eh...beats working fast food...

This whole Craigslist job search thing is frustrating, but it's not entirely without humor...

"Sell Me Your Socks $150

I would like to buy dirty socks from hot girls when they're done with them.
I'm willing to pay lots of money..but I also want you to be able to prove you're you and you're hot.
I love the smell of girl's feet, especially when they get really dirty, like when they've been confined in boots dancing in a club all night or in old dirty sneakers walking in the rain all day.
The type of girl I'm looking for is the punk rock fetish suicide girl type, one that dances in PVC and heels or beats people up in mosh pits.
I'd be willing to pay $150 to send me a few pairs of socks you've been wearing in various settings and to see a few cute pics of the feet I'm smelling.
If this sounds cool and you want to make a bunch of money selling me your dirty socks, let me know. Thanks"

I'm open to other suggestions...Help the Infamous CoatCheck Girl keep her socks!
I'm looking for any leads on paid photo or writing work. I've supported my fellow artists long enough with freebies or "friend deals". I need to work with people who appreciate my artistic skill and will pay for it...and have professional integrity.
Such people do exist in this town, in this scene. I recently had a band insist on paying me what they could for some photos, despite the fact that I shot their show as a favor. It may be a token gesture, a token amount, but it speaks volumes about their respect for their fellow artists. I was touched.

Alright...back to the job-hunt!

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