29 November 2007

Rainy Day Pirates

I was telling a friend of mine recently that one of the reasons why I've tried so many different things and had so many adventures is because I never want to utter the words "I regret never having _____".
Admittedly, playing miniature golf was not one of the "always-wanted-to's" on that list, but now it's one more thing I can cross off. Still, being a Leo, I even had to do that with my own flair for the dramatic. No ordinary putt-putt golf for me and my friends, no. It had to be day-glow and pirate-themed.

I discovered it on a drizzly Portland afternoon, over the holiday weekend, when I was walking around downtown with a fellow humbug---no fancy dinner or media-fueled shopping frenzy for us. Just walk and talk and the ubiquitous Northwest cup-o-coffee. Somewhere by the nearly deserted bus mall we spotted an odd and oddly colored figure...in a pirate hat?
Not what you'd normally expect to see at the Hilton.

It had to be explored! But only in the most genial company...and preferably pirate-friendly.
So, yesterday, on yet another drizzly Portland afternoon, the Wifey, the 8 year-old guru, Uncle Cupcake, Snow White and I huddled under umbrellas and puddle-jumped our way to the basement of the Hilton Executive Tower to: Glowing Greens.
For about the price of a movie you can experience a garish black-lit mini-golf wonderland. And, for an extra dollar you can purchase nifty 3D glasses, that'll either enhance your overall experience or make you nauseated within seconds.

Snow White treated, though he was a bit put off when the boy behind the counter cheekily offered him the Senior Discount. I don't think he ever quite recovered from that embarrassing blow because, for all their manly boasting, both he and Uncle Cupcake trailed behind, while we girls took the three top spots. I, with the help of beginner's luck, won the match.

I think everyone should experience day-glow pirate mini-golf at least once. With the weather so cold and dreary, it is a fun way to while away the time, especially in good company. Before we even knew it, 2 hours had passed!
I'm definitely going back.
Who's with me?
Say "Aye, Matey!"

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