09 October 2007

Finding Love in the Strangest Places

When I was working at Ohm, I got in the habit of checking the "Chance Meetings" in the weekly rag. Several of us did. We would sit at the beginning of the night and laugh whenever we spotted missed connections between patrons we recognized. Once I even got to play matchmaker, when I recognized two of the interested parties. I had in fact witnessed said "moment", as it happened right in front of my coat check window. The next time she came in, I made the necessary arrangements for them to meet and exchange numbers.
So, I still check them from time to time, and this week I saw one that made me chuckle.

Love in the Afterlife

Met you at the Seance during the lunar eclipse. You, woman with the club foot, me, Man with the glass eye. I took it out. You held it delicately. Let's channel love while we channel the dead. Ouija think?

I know some of these are fillers, written by staff writers to take up space, but it would make me really happy to think it's a real one...

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