01 August 2007

Peach Pie and The Apocalypse

The Wifey, her daughter Kaya, and I went to Sauvie Island farms this afternoon to pick berries and peaches. It was the perfect day for it--- sunny, breezy, jovial company...
On our way to the berry fields we passed the vegetable plots and decided to look around there as well.

We found cucumbers and corn

and a frog

"Momma, can we get broccoli?" Kaya asked. She's an odd one for an eight year old. This is a kid who begs for broccoli and brussel sprouts.
So the three of us, city girls playing on the farm for a day, set out to find broccoli.
We stood between the rows, looking down at the evenly spaced greenery around us.

"Uh...how do you know when it's ripe or ready to pick or whatever?" I asked, unsure of what I was looking for.

"I don't know...that one looks right."

"Sure...it kind of looks like it does at the store..." I said, still not convinced.

She inspected it more closely. From the way we stood around it, looking at it from this way and that, you would have thought it was some rare object we had found.

"Well, how do you...pick it, pluck it, pull it up...whatever you do with it?"

"I don't know...you just pull it" she replied, gingerly tugging at it. "Well, I'll just break it off at the stalk"

Finally something I knew about broccoli!"The stalk is too thick. You'll never be able to break it off. You'd need a knife...a machete or something..." I suggested.

"Yeah, you're right...Come on, m'hija, we'll just buy some at the store..." she said grabbing Kaya's hand and pulling her along.

"When the apocalypse comes and we're left to fend for ourselves...we're so screwed!"

Berries were bound to be easier...or so I thought. The pickings were slim, it being a little late in the season. I think we also ate more than actually made it into the flats.

Still, it was a fun way to spend a day with my favorite girls...wandering the orchards, mildly intoxicated by the heady fragrance of peaches ripening in the sun...or it could have been heat stroke.

Hmmm...maybe now I'll get that peach pie that Jen saw in her dream (I am the hot wife!) before she even knew that we would end up sharing a fire escape...

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