30 July 2007

Mercurial Blunders...?

I have to wonder if there is something in the stars...
In the last two days, I have received word from three people I never thought I would hear from again.
I'm not one to pine after an old lover, though I might, perhaps, wish for a repeat performance with the more memorable ones for purely self-indulgent, lascivious reasons. My flings last as long as they last— a night, a week or two, months— and I enjoy them until they simply run their course. With a couple of exceptions, they end amicably enough, in some cases making a transition into a friendship. I'm not one to get offended if a guy doesn't call or to wonder why...I'm usually one of those "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" kind of people myself, much to the dismay and concern of some longer term lovers.
These three, however...well, I admit I was starting to feel a little slighted. They are all out-of-towners, which naturally put an expiration date on our trysts, but all three of those interactions went beyond mere physicality. One is an old childhood friend, another a professional contact, and well, there's the Frenchman who was just...yummy.
The Frenchman was the first to contact me. I opened my email yesterday and read the subject line "french boy" with a mixture of indignation and amusement. How could I possibly be upset? Though he had some improbable excuse about the lack of internet access on the coast of Spain, where he has spent the last three weeks, I couldn't help but smile. As I read, I could hear his accent. His direct and pleading, "do you still like me?????????????", once I overcame my annoyance at the excessive use of question marks, I found très charmant. He is full of regrets— for not having made love to me sooner, for not having spent more time with me, for things having ended on what I thought was a rather comical note ( read Hide and Seek), but about which he felt bad. He implores me not to "go to Hollywood. Not yet", since he wants to see me in September when he returns to Portland.
When I told my neighbor about it yesterday, she said..."watch, wouldn't it be funny if the others suddenly pop up too?". Sure enough, today I had an email from my childhood friend, and a couple of texts from the other guy.
I guess whatever influence was interfering was suddenly lifted, whether it was celestial, energetic, or merely a matter of circumstance. It makes me wonder who else will suddenly resurface. I've witnessed this before, it's all part of that "cleaning house" thing. Fortunately there are very few people I would consider it unpleasant to encounter again.

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