12 July 2007

Epicurian musings

Isabel Allende, one of my favorite writers, published a book called "Aphrodite". It's a half cook-book, half historical and anthropological study of the way food and sex are so often inextricably intertwined. Many of the most popular aphrodisiacs through the ages have involved foods of one form or another---from oysters to any number of phallic fruits and vegetables, to dishes including a lover's own "essence" as one of the secret ingredients. Do you know the origin of those hot-cross buns so popular at Easter? You'd be surprised at the naughty origin of that pious pastry.
Food metaphors abound in literature through the ages.
And why not?
As a devoted epicure I can certainly relate--- to Allende and to the many other writers who would compare the sweetness of a lover's kiss to honey, or ther such culinary comparisons. I enjoy a good meal much the same as I enjoy a good romp. I savor every taste, revel in every scent, every texture.
As for combining the two…Cooking for a lover, or better yet, with a lover can be the ultimate in foreplay. I have, on more than one occasion, prepared a lovingly cooked meal for a significant other in lieu of speaking my feelings outright. It's the "Like Water for Chocolate" phenomenon. I firmly believe the intent of the cook can be transferred into the food being prepared.
Likewise, the lovers that have had the most significant impact on me tend to be the ones who either cooked for, or shared memorable meals with me. I have even come to associate particular foods or flavors with them. There was one who would prepare the best Garden Burgers for me with lots of garlic, particularly when he knew I'd be spending time with an old boyfriend. Another conjures memories of honey-garlic-lemon dressing, yet another will forever be associated with an unfortunate Tofurkey incident.
Then there was the first and last time when I actually experienced the two together. Food during sex.
A blindfold, chocolate sauce, all manner of fruit, all the makings of a sexy, romantic evening---until the horrible yeast infection kicked in a day or so later. That is the memory I carried away from the experience. That, and the mess I had to clean up later.
My guideline these days is, if you have to lay down a tarp, you've gone too far…

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