18 July 2007

Do I get a kick-back?

I have written at length how important scent is to me, particularly when it comes to attraction. My friends and readers are by now familiar with my particular weakness for Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men. Yes, it's passe and kind of cheesy, but it always takes me back to those first stirrings of sexuality from my early teens. It elicits similar feelings of uncontrolled teen-aged lust.
Imagine my amusement and surprise when, on several recent occasions I have been spending time with different male friends or lovers, only to have that moment of recognition.
"Are you wearing Obsession?" I'll ask with consternation or interest, depending on the nature of the friendship.
Some reply sheepishly, some boldly.
"Of course. I wore it for you!"
I got a funny image of a sudden upsurge of sales in the Portland market, Obsession for Men suddenly topping the list as the favored fragrance for males ages 23-53. What I'm wondering is if I can capitalize on this. I'll contact the Calvin Klein franchise and claim my status as a one-woman marketing campaign for a flagging product. "The Infamous CoatChek Girl says: Buy Obsession, you know you want to..."

Alright, so I've had a lot of time on my hands. Can you blame a girl for day-dreaming?

Speaking of dreamy, those of you who didn't catch Auditory Sculpture's set at Aquariva last night, missed out on a real treat. Check his profile for details. He'll be doing a weekly there, at least throughout the summer. It's a really swanky spot, once you can find it. The drinks are great, the food delicious, the staff looks pretty yummy too, and they serve cotton candy! And of course, there's the music...

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