05 July 2006

The Evanescence of Love

What an ephemeral thing is love. I find myself trying to recall and recapture feelings of which I could not seem to rid myself two weeks ago. Not that they are gone. They have just become fragile, less tangible. They remind me of those little dandelion pods, floating in my periphery in all of their delicate beauty. They seem to move just out of fingertips' reach at the slightest attempt to catch them.
hmm...this one took a little longer than most.

Oh! A warning to my readers, Mercury has gone retrograde. Think before you speak, read before you hit send...

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02 July 2006

The Tango Lesson

Well, I'm certainly feeling more myself.

I am trading Reiki sessions for tango lessons. It just so happens that my tango instructor is quite a dashing young man with piercing blue eyes. I do believe I have a little crush.
I did manage to learn a few things between uncomfortable fits of giggles. He's a good teacher. I was also, however, made painfully aware of how uncomfortable I am when the direction I will take is not of my own choosing. I don't follow well.

It's probably just as well that tango boy is off the market. It's kind of a new and humbling thing for a guy to put me in the "friend zone" and I have more important things to think about right now. This will be a learning experience on several counts.

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01 July 2006

A Length of String

There's a trick I've heard of to help one remember things. A string is tied around a finger and the concept is, every time one sees the string, one is reminded of whatever one is supposed to recall.
This being me (a stubborn sort who always seems to take the difficult path) the reminders come in forms that speak to the healer in me--- injuries and illness, for example.
I posted an entry about my ankle a few days ago, about how it was no longer bothering me. That is until yesterday when I spoke to my ex. I'd had no contact with him up to this point. The conversation was cordial, but did bring up...I think they're called emotions or something...I'll have to look that up.
In any case, my ankle has flared up again. With that one phone call, some part of me kicked into gear to remind me that I made the right decision.
A string around my finger would be so much easier.

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