27 June 2006

Mind Over Matter

This is an embarrassing thing to forget for somebody who is on a path of healing.

My emotional and spiritual state directly influence my physical state.

I know that. However, when dealing with my own life it can be difficult to get perspective.
My ankle, which I sprained in April, had until last week been troubling me. Not just a little bit of residual pain here and there, it just wasn't healing. Then I got rid of the ailing relationship and found a solution to my finances and...POOF! No more ankle pain. Just like that, no more injury. The obstacles that were keeping my life at a standstill, keeping me from walking my path, were physically keeping me from walking it as well.
It was a painful week. I found myself calling upon Kali, knowing she was the one for the job. Funny thing about Kali, though. As a sort of stern mother, she gives us what we need, rather than what we want. Sometimes we're lucky and those things coincide---this time, not so much.

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