04 June 2006

Batter Up!

When I worked at Ohm, I started keeping a diary of sorts. In it, I documented favourite stupid quotes of the night, pick-up attemps or just anecdotes that occured as a direct result of my job there. I jokingly began referring to it as The Misadventures of a Coat Check Girl. The name stuck. Now that I have officially become the weekend door/coat check girl at this bar, I'm picking up the tradition in electronic form.

Favourite pick up line of the night (could double as favourite stupid quote)

Guy with an overgrown, bushy handlebar mustache teeters toward me at the end of the night, doing his best to focus and look me in the eyes.

(The wind-up)
"So, uh.... you make tips up here sometimes...?"

"yeah" I reply

(and the pitch...)
"Will you go on a date with me?"

(ow, the mighty Casey has struck out!)

too bad he wasn't taking tips-- I could have given him a few good ones, like shave that stupid mustache!

Instead I just gave him the standard flattered-have-a-boy-friend-oh-look-your-friends-are-leaving-goodnight!...

Boys... do they ever learn?

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