27 June 2006

Mind Over Matter

This is an embarrassing thing to forget for somebody who is on a path of healing.

My emotional and spiritual state directly influence my physical state.

I know that. However, when dealing with my own life it can be difficult to get perspective.
My ankle, which I sprained in April, had until last week been troubling me. Not just a little bit of residual pain here and there, it just wasn't healing. Then I got rid of the ailing relationship and found a solution to my finances and...POOF! No more ankle pain. Just like that, no more injury. The obstacles that were keeping my life at a standstill, keeping me from walking my path, were physically keeping me from walking it as well.
It was a painful week. I found myself calling upon Kali, knowing she was the one for the job. Funny thing about Kali, though. As a sort of stern mother, she gives us what we need, rather than what we want. Sometimes we're lucky and those things coincide---this time, not so much.

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Storm on the Horizon

I was fortunate enough to photograph the last of Storm and the Balls regular Wednesday gigs at Dante's. The show was flawless, as usual. There are great things in store for this young lady.
As always, click on any of the images below to see more.

Hopelessly Devoted

Storm clutch


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26 June 2006

Motorcycle Mama and other musings

I feel about motorcycles almost as strongly as I do about children--- I dislike and fear them both---yet today I braved the former when I got a most troubled and troubling phone call. (Come to think of it, I've now braved both for this same person.)

This dear friend has been a constant presence in my life for several years, indeed, she has gone above and beyond the call of friend duty on more than one occasion. Today I had chance to reciprocate and it just reminded me of how truly blessed I am. It made me think of how amazing it is to love somebody unconditionally and selflessly and to feel that in return.
Of course today's gesture was not entirely selfless on my part. It did garner me the promise that, should she wed, I'll never have to wear an ugly bridesmaid's dress.

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23 June 2006

Public Service Announcement

Are you dating a whimpster? This article could save you from tragedy...

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21 June 2006

Feeling the love...

What an amazing day I had today!

In the span of about 8 hours I: read about wizardology and dragonology, painted w/watercolours, walked down 23rd, got gelato, bought some great stones/crystals. (Some of these are even said to help you tune in to extraterrestrial communications...hmmm, I forgot to check the mercury or lead content on those), checked out a sculpture garden, watched Nightmare Before Christmas, received some Reiki, had a friend bring over cupcakes, made and ate a yummy mole dinner, shot some photos, watched El Dorado while getting more Reiki, made popcorn from scratch (some people have no idea you can make popcorn without a microwave or a popper)...all of this with one of my favourite people in the world. Would you believe she's only 6? Or rather 6 and 3/4, excuse me.

Despite the incredulous and somewhat frightened reactions of several friends (you know who you are) I agreed to kid-sit today. I make no secret of it, I dislike children as a general rule, but this one is the exception. I had a blast.

The day also had a surreal tone since my friend's cat Edgar apparently issued a myspace bulletin to his kitty friends on my behalf. My thanks to the feline population of myspace for all of the sweet words, purrs and head-butts.

The humans made a great showing too. Thanks for the phone calls, visits, texts and emails.

Wish me luck... job interviews and photos tomorrow.

Happy Solstice!

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20 June 2006

Holly Golightly

Some people drown their sorrows with alcohol, some with drugs... I lose myself in Audrey Hepburn movies-- and photo editing.
Here are some Dahlia pics for you. Click on any of the images to see more photos of this and other bands.

Let me hear you

Now you...


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19 June 2006

Swinger (Reprise) or "Jumping Ship"

"Wednesday, December 21, 2005

11:55 AM - Swinger...
Current mood: quixotic
Category: Romance and Relationships

...it sounds so salacious.nor am I entirely single. Where's the "I'm trying something" or "whateveryouwannacallit" category? "In a relationship" it is then. This may come as a shock to some, though none more than me, I can assure you. I've said before that getting me to commit is like pulling teeth. It's difficult and it's painful and you'll pretty much have to knock me out to do it.
I usually have one foot out the door or, as it was recently pointed out to me, I jump from rock to rock, never alighting on one for long. "What are you gonna do when you run out of rocks?" my friend asked.
Well, I've found a nice rock and have decided to stand here for a while, both feet firmly planted, and see what happens. (I just pray there aren't any sneaker waves.)

Now, its this attitude of brave determination (some may call it foolhardiness) that either brings me great joy or gets me into terrible scrapes (sometimes both at once). Either way, it's why I always have the best stories

4:13 pm Addendum

Note to self: check for quicksand..."

That was 7 months ago. And now I must bid a fond adieu to that rock, it seems. It was a lovely place where my heart could comfortably and safely rest. I will miss it.

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18 June 2006


Photos of Stalking Jane from their set at the Ash St. Saloon, 6/15/06.

Stalking vs. Love

Jessica w/Violin

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16 June 2006

Digital Age

I've started shooting digital. I fought it kicking and screaming, yet here I am, less than 24 hours after photographing several bands, with something to show for my efforts--- and I couldn't be happier.

the exhale

the exhale: Angsty Dan 6/16/06

Evelyn and her Musical Saw

From Valentine's loft

and The Human Genome Project

Silhouette & Drums

Sexy Beast

To see more photos of these and other bands, click on any of the images above.

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04 June 2006

Batter Up!

When I worked at Ohm, I started keeping a diary of sorts. In it, I documented favourite stupid quotes of the night, pick-up attemps or just anecdotes that occured as a direct result of my job there. I jokingly began referring to it as The Misadventures of a Coat Check Girl. The name stuck. Now that I have officially become the weekend door/coat check girl at this bar, I'm picking up the tradition in electronic form.

Favourite pick up line of the night (could double as favourite stupid quote)

Guy with an overgrown, bushy handlebar mustache teeters toward me at the end of the night, doing his best to focus and look me in the eyes.

(The wind-up)
"So, uh.... you make tips up here sometimes...?"

"yeah" I reply

(and the pitch...)
"Will you go on a date with me?"

(ow, the mighty Casey has struck out!)

too bad he wasn't taking tips-- I could have given him a few good ones, like shave that stupid mustache!

Instead I just gave him the standard flattered-have-a-boy-friend-oh-look-your-friends-are-leaving-goodnight!...

Boys... do they ever learn?

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