24 May 2006


It is said that confession is good for the soul. Maybe it's my catholic childhood rearing it's ugly head...but I must come clean! I have deceived you all. There were no ninjas. I am more likely to bring down a man with a withering glance than a roundhouse kick.

The truth is so mundane. I simply stood up and took a step--- onto my foot which was half asleep. Just a step, a crunch and some blinding pain that dropped me to the ground. I wan't even drunk.
See? Wasn't the other version much more fun? Especially when people like my mum asked me if it was true.

"Verdad?" she asked me. Is it true?

"Ninjas, mom?"

"Well, I don't know maybe you got in a fight..."

Guess how much I got away with as a youngster...

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mum!

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