17 May 2006

Door girl

The misadventures begin again. A friend of mine from the Ohm days manages the new hot spot in town. It's where all of the swanky celebrity V.I.P after-hours parties happen. She needs somebody to work the door this Friday night and I agreed to do it. Now I'm actually kind of nervous. I've spent several years avoiding clubs for the most part. I don't like crowds--- it's one of the reasons I didn't work the door for long at Ohm. At least in coat check I was somewhat protected and I ruled that little corner of the club with an iron fist (or maybe it was the cleavage that kept them complacent and relatively obedient).
Well, at this place I'll have to wear a t-shirt, so my cleavage can't save me. I'll have to get by on my wits...and lots and lots of Rescue Remedy.

On another note....ouch! My ankle isn't liking the warm weather. It doesn't help that people keep unwittingly tripping over it, kicking it or otherwise bumping into it. Ok, done whining...

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