31 May 2006


I'm feeling very blah today--- I think it's the rain. In any case I thought I'd at least post a photo. This is Mic Crenshaw, of Suckapunch. You can see them play this Saturday, June 3, at Tiger Bar (317 NW Broadway).

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29 May 2006

Can you tell me how to get...

how to get to Sesame Street! On this, the anniversary of Jeff Buckley's death, I figured I could be depressed or I could do something fun.
So I went with two of my favourite boys, Eli and David, to the Sesame Street exhibit at the Children's Museum. It was great fun except for all of the little vermin...

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24 May 2006


It is said that confession is good for the soul. Maybe it's my catholic childhood rearing it's ugly head...but I must come clean! I have deceived you all. There were no ninjas. I am more likely to bring down a man with a withering glance than a roundhouse kick.

The truth is so mundane. I simply stood up and took a step--- onto my foot which was half asleep. Just a step, a crunch and some blinding pain that dropped me to the ground. I wan't even drunk.
See? Wasn't the other version much more fun? Especially when people like my mum asked me if it was true.

"Verdad?" she asked me. Is it true?

"Ninjas, mom?"

"Well, I don't know maybe you got in a fight..."

Guess how much I got away with as a youngster...

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mum!

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20 May 2006

Boobylicious doorgirl

I survived my first night working the door at the swanky club, t-shirt notwithstanding. I suppose it didn't hurt that I woke up with somebody else's breasts. Wow, where'd these come from? They are almost twice their normal size. Ouch!

Anyway, I had forgotten about the bar stalkers. This one started off at the other end of the room. I noticed him giving me the eye---that bleary-eyed look men in bars think is sexy. He circled closer and closer, like a shark in closing in on its prey. He moved in for the kill, failing to notice the young man sitting close by. I held my breath for the punchline. There was no preamble, just an awkward "I want to take you out on a date".
I pointed to the young man next to me. "Well, this is my boyfriend you're standing next to"
He shook Eli's hand and mumbled an apology before he scampered off with his tail between his legs. On his way out, he actually glared at me!

It wasn't all bad tonight, though. I met some good people, saw some old friends, admired a couple of lovely ladies... no, not a bad night at all.

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17 May 2006

Door girl

The misadventures begin again. A friend of mine from the Ohm days manages the new hot spot in town. It's where all of the swanky celebrity V.I.P after-hours parties happen. She needs somebody to work the door this Friday night and I agreed to do it. Now I'm actually kind of nervous. I've spent several years avoiding clubs for the most part. I don't like crowds--- it's one of the reasons I didn't work the door for long at Ohm. At least in coat check I was somewhat protected and I ruled that little corner of the club with an iron fist (or maybe it was the cleavage that kept them complacent and relatively obedient).
Well, at this place I'll have to wear a t-shirt, so my cleavage can't save me. I'll have to get by on my wits...and lots and lots of Rescue Remedy.

On another note....ouch! My ankle isn't liking the warm weather. It doesn't help that people keep unwittingly tripping over it, kicking it or otherwise bumping into it. Ok, done whining...

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05 May 2006

Life's soundtrack


So ... what you do .. open your music player (Limewire, Ares, Kazaa, iTunes, whatever) and put it on shuffle. For each category, hit next .. and put the first song that starts playing! Don't cheat, it's actually kind of weird!

Opening credits:
"Let's Misbehave" - Cole Porter

Waking up:
"Someone to watch over me" - Ella Fitzgerald

Average day:
"I never asked to be your mountain" - Jeff Buckley covering Tim Buckley

First date:
"All I want is you" - U2

Falling in love:
"Siguiendo la Luna" - Fabulosos Cadillacs

Fight scene:
"What will you say" - Jeff Buckley

Breaking up:
"Sometimes I feel like a motherless child" - Jimmy Scott

Getting back together:
"I thought about you" - Jimmy Scott

Secret love:
"Blister in the Sun" - Violent Femmes

Life's okay:
"Summertime" - Billie Holiday

Mental breakdown:
"Know your Chicken" - Cibo Matto

"I need you tonight" - INXS

Learning a lesson:
"Under Pressure" - Queen

Deep thought:
"No voy a dejarte ir" - Andres Cepeda

"In my mind" - Thom Yorke

"Ridin' High" - Ella Fitzgerald

Happy dance:
"Grinding Halt" - The Cure

"This is a lie" - The Cure

Long night alone:
"Cherry Ball Blues " - Skip James

Death Scene:
"Babble" - The Cure

heh, some of these were oddly appropriate, some just cryptic...

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01 May 2006

"Lightning doesn't strike twice..."

"...except in Juli's life..." says Laura.

We were sitting on my fire escape this afternoon watching the storm, the thunder and lightning punctuating our conversation.
We'd had a very mellow day. Given the day before, with all of its near disasters, we took it easy. Massages, breakfast, a lot of sitting in one place away from knives and breakables...

As I listened to the rumbling of the thunder I was reminded of my time in Colombia, when lightning struck our house.
It was during the winter, which isn't all that different from other seasons in the tropics, except for it rains just a bit more. This particular storm was bad even by local standards. The skies opened and let loose with a vengeance. We stood outside for a while, family and household staff, watching the display. We scurried back inside after one of the red clay roof tiles was forcefully hurled to the spot where our maid had stood just a moment before.

I remember clearly. I was walking into the bathroom. I had just turned on the light and suddenly I heard a loud booming thunder that enveloped me in an almost tangible way. A heavy pressure descended over the entire house. I felt it like a physical weight upon me. I opened the door and smelled burning. Ozone and plastic and wood, burning...
I heard my father's voice from somewhere in the house, over the din of the storm, asking if everyone was alright. We all smelled something burning.
After making sure everyone, family and maids, were safe, we followed him on a tour of the house, and still the smell of something burning led us from room to room.
The younger maid had been outside with my little brother when the lightning bolt struck. They were on their way inside to watch a television show. They had watched lightning strike and sparks dancing all the way down some electrical wires.
We crept through the house following that smell of fire, of smoke. It grew stronger in the t.v. room. By the dim light of our candles and flashlights we could see that the television screen did not look normal. My father picked it up and it rattled like a piggy bank. There was a large charred mark on the table where it had sat.
The mystery discovered, we settled in for sleep. The following morning brought news of flooding in the nearby village and damage to several homes in our compound. Ours was the only home actually struck by lightning. We discovered a hole about a foot and a half deep next to the t.v. antenna, where the lightning had finally grounded and scattered red earth in every direction. We were just glad my brother and the maid weren't actually watching the t.v. at the time.

After that storm, the company set up a lightning rod near the house in hopes of preventing such incidents. It didn't seem to help, as our house was struck again while we lived there. We found out it had actually been struck several times before we moved in as well. So much for that old adage.

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