14 February 2006

V.D. Objector

I hate this so-called holiday. You feel like an asshole if you don't have somebody, you feel like an asshole if you do have somebody and don't deliver the way "they" say you should. Every time I'm actually with somebody on this date I warn them: I don't do it and... no really I don't and I hate surprises. A few ex's have gotten some nasty surprises of their own when they thought I was being coy--- losing deposits on fancy wine and reservations for expensive meals and such. I did warn them. For me it's all about the every day---the little things a lover does that show he's paid attention or things that seem trivial to him, but he does them anyway because he knows they mean a lot to me. Anyway, as if it weren't a depressing enough "holiday", I found out today that my great-aunt Ofelia, a wonderful and sweet lady, died. And that is why I don't do holidays.

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