01 February 2006

Unemployed layabout

I did it. I quit my soul-sucking job in advertising. I tried, I really did. The term "square peg" comes to mind, though. I don't dislike all aspects of it. I learned invaluable things about PR and marketing strategy and many other useful things. Things I actually enjoy doing.

So now the real test.

What do I do with it all? In an ideal world I'd support myself solely on photography and supplement with Reiki.

Joder! Soy Paisa* o soy Paisa? In Colombia they say "Paisa no se bara" or something like that. Basically that means I get to begin building my ideal world, brick by brick, single-handedly. I think here in the states they call it stubborness. (See prime example of said condition below)

*a Paisa is somebody born in the department of Antioquia, i.e. Medellin.

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