27 February 2006


Who heals the healers? My lover asked me this yesterday. Others have asked me this over the last couple of years. I could only shrug. To begin with, nobody can heal anybody else, so the term healer is inherently misleading. That said, I should know better, shouldn't I? The truth is I've been sad and I've been sick and that's why you haven't seen or heard from me for a while. Being a Reiki Master doesn't make me any wiser, it just means I have an extra few years of practice in a particular discipline. Right now I am re-building my foundation, the stability of which was lost along with my day job. Things have to run their course. I must mourn my great aunt and experience my renewed grieving for my father. Even this cold/flu I have must run its course. It doesn't matter that I know I made myself ill by needing an excuse to lay in bed. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm fine. I'm just taking some time to gather my thoughts and my strength. I've been getting my home in order and digging through my negatives. I've been finding some fun stuff to put up on my website (jtobon.com...coming soon!). I even found my Jeff Buckley pics--- yay! I am truly blessed to have so many people that care about me. I'm sorry I've been such a recluse, but it's part of the process. Thanks to those of you who have written to inquire how I'm doing.

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