06 January 2006

Comeback Queen

I am officially coming out of retirement. I went out to photograph a show last night, in earnest, for the first time in several years. I was excited to see/hear live what I had heard on Adam Gnade's profile. The evening got off to a shaky start. In my favourite quote of the evening, my brother summed up the opener. "This girl playing is like fucking my ex-girlfriend—all build-up and no finish." The next act was John Henry of theJigsaw Gentlemen. This young wit has a knack for the ironic turn of phrase—as well as a thing for bunny suits. Don't ask, just go listen. The other two Gentlemen joined him for the last half of the set. Nice to see good old-fashioned, solid musicianship in an age when anyone with a laptop thinks him/herself a musician. Finally Adam, members of the Exhale and a diminutive blonde banjo player took the stage to the strains of the Rocky anthem. A nice start. Where do they get all those wonderful toys? I mean this literally. They had toy drums, xylophones, pianos, all meant for the under 8 set. It was a cacophony of sound that ended up somehow beautiful and a perfect backdrop to Adam's words, equally beautiful and harsh. But the best part was the audience participation. You can't plan stuff like this (but you can certainly help it along with copious amounts of liquor). There was the oblivious couple dry humping in the back, our Waltzing Matilda (or in this case Vanessa), and the impromtu audience rendition of "The Young and the Restless". Good times. I'll post photos as soon as I have them.

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