14 January 2006


I don't typically put too much stock in superstitions about Friday the 13th. In Colombia it's Tuesday 13ths you have to look out for, so I figured it was pretty arbitrary. Until today. Work was awful. We had somebody just quit. She just walked out. Guess who had to scramble to fill in? The one bright spot in my day was spending time with three lovely and powerfully witchy ladies. Such amazing energy. It had me centered and feeling good as I prepared for the rest of my evening. I had such high hopes for tonight. I was excited to see and photograph Bright Red Paper and the Exhale . I was thwarted by the awful venue. The stage was pitiful and the lighting more so. Completely uninspiring. Not so the music. Both bands were great, although I think a bit hindered by the tiny stage, particularly the Exhale. A young lady sitting behind me commented that watching them try to set up all of their gear was like watching somebody trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle on a plate. I did remember why I started taking photos at shows in the first place, however. Shooting gave me a way to focus and shield. People who are drinking or otherwise altered, inadvertently throw around their energy without realizing it. I'm much too sensitive to energy due to the work I do. As it was tonight, the waves of speed or junk sickness coming from somewhere near me were driving me to distraction. Was it a full moon, too or did it just feel like it?

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